Angel Schifino

Creator, Angel Schifino's, last name aligns with her vision and mindset; F.I.N.O. stands for Failure Is No Option, which is the mindset she has embodied her entire life. One particular obstacle she faced early on was losing the college basketball scholarship she had earned from Lock Haven University in Pennsylvania. She played half of her freshman season, but things just didn’t work out. Nothing she did wrong. Nothing LHU did wrong. It just wasn’t the right place nor the right time. Soon after, she got pregnant at age 19 with her first child, living on government assistance. that didn’t stop her from enrolling herself back into school to complete what she had sought out to do; earn her Bachelor’s degree. Although she earned her degree, she was left with a hefty student loan debt and a degree that was too broad. She made what could’ve been simple, very hard. So, she has made it her duty to teach her two children, Jalen and Ava, all the things that came to her late. She navigates life as a single mom with the F.I.N.O. mindset, exhibiting perseverance and determination to be the best version of herself. Her life has inspired the birth of The_FINO_Project! 


—  Failure Is No Option